Syntax: surfacearea(geometry, surface area, isovalue)

Calculates the total surface area between foreground and background regions.Foreground and background are defined by a threshold value (isovalue parameter).Uses Marching Cubes algorithm, so the results are not multigrid convergent and will depend on image resolution.

This command cannot be used in the distributed processing mode. If you need it, please contact the authors.


geometry [input]

Data type: uint8 image, uint16 image, uint32 image, uint64 image, int8 image, int16 image, int32 image, int64 image, float32 image

An image containing the input geometry. If using a non-binary image, please specify isovalue parameter, too.

surface area [output]

Data type: real

The total surface area in square pixels will be returned in this value.

isovalue [input]

Data type: real

Default value: 1

Threshold value that separates foreground and background.

See also

curvature, derivative