Syntax: analyzeparticles(input image, results, analyzers, connectivity, volume limit, single-threaded)

Analyzes shape of blobs or other particles (separate nonzero regions) in the input image. Assumes all the particles have the same color. All the nonzero pixels in the input image will be set to same value. Output image will contain results of the measurements. There will be one row for each particle found in the input image. Use command headers to get interpretation of the columns. The order of the particles in the results may be different in normal and distributed processing modes. If you wish to analyze labeled particles, see analyzelabels.

This command can be used in the distributed processing mode. Use distribute command to change processing mode from local to distributed.


input image [input & output]

Data type: uint8 image, uint16 image, uint32 image, uint64 image, int8 image, int16 image, int32 image, int64 image, float32 image

Input image. The particles in this image will be filled with temporary color.

results [output]

Data type: float32 image

Image where analysis results are placed. This image will contain one row for each particle found in the input image. Use command headers to retrieve meanings of columns.

analyzers [input]

Data type: string

Default value: “coordinates, volume”

List of names of analyzers to use. Use command listanalyzers to see all the names that can be specified. Separate the analyzer names with any non-alphanumeric character sequence.

connectivity [input]

Data type: connectivity

Default value: Nearest

Connectivity of the particles. Can be Nearest for connectivity to nearest neighbours only, or All for connectivity to all neighbours.

volume limit [input]

Data type: positive integer

Default value: 0

Maximum size of particles to consider, in pixels. Specify zero to consider all particles.

single-threaded [input]

Data type: boolean

Default value: False

Set to true to use single-threaded processing. That might be faster for some cases. Does not have any effect if distributed processing is enabled.